Aldan Consulting Engagements


Asset Reliability Program

  • Led the process optimization of $5 billion in power plant assets across North America
  • Utilized industry leading best practices to develop and implement company specific maintenance improvement methodologies and practices
  • Established continuous improvement cycles, focused on measurement and leadership, to assess and identify ongoing improvement opportunities
  • Implemented Change Management strategy to positively drive the cultural shift of embracing this new paradigm
  • Positioned company to realize long term reliability strategy of:
    • Reducing forced outage rate opportunity costs
    • Reducing long term maintenance costs, and
    • Improving profitability and bottom line results


Project Delivery Methodology

  • Led the development and implementation of an enterprise wide project delivery methodology – recognized by the Project Management Institute (PMI) with the Project of the Year Award, achievements included:
    • a custom development project methodology
    • a commercial off the shelf (COTS) project methodology
    • a framework to work in either a waterfall or an iterative (agile) manner
    • an information technology solution assessment process
    • a COTS procurement process
    • a product architecture validation process
    • development of the supporting tools including project delivery standards, guidelines and templates
    • development and implementation of the extensive change management plan, and
    • an interactive web based tool which incorporated all of the above elements
  • Focused on a multitude of project delivery elements including:
    • project management processes and activities
    • roles and responsibilities
    • expected outcomes, including applicable inputs and outputs
    • tools and techniques
    • project tracking methodologies and
    • capturing of lessons learned


Primary Care Network

Worked on a number of key projects with one of Alberta’s largest Primary Care Networks (PCN). This PCN has close to 100 participating physicians, 10 participating clinics and a patient panel exceeding 100,000. Some examples of our project work included:

  • Post-Licensure Primary Care Collaborative Program – worked to increase primary care collaboration by using technology to improve the linkages between primary care providers
  • Primary Care Data Management and Reporting Program – managed the development of a primary care reporting system which allows individual physicians, PCN clinics and the PCN the ability to better understand and manage their practices, programs and resulting future requirements
    • In this role, we worked with the physicians and support staff to gather requirements for the solution, outlined linkages with the various electronic medical record solutions, developed and documented privacy policies and procedures and developed the overall program methodology.
  • For both of these projects, we were responsible for developing and filing the various privacy documents that were required by the Office of the Privacy Commissioner. Additional responsibilities included developed the numerous privacy impact assessments, information manager agreements, data sharing agreements and Data Sharing Committee terms of reference, and supporting data sharing principles.


Content Management Project

Implemented operations records management and practices for a multi-billion dollar corporation, including:

  • Created and maintained a centralized records management system
  • Introduced an intuitive records classification structure to allow for easy retrieval and storage
  • Increased file accuracy through the systematic reduction of redundant and obsolete information elements
  • Led extensive change management activities to effect the cultural adoption associated with the introduction of new work practices
  • Increased organizational knowledge capital through enhanced opportunities for collaboration


Enterprise Level System Implementation

Working for one of the largest health care organizations in Canada, responsible for the deployment of a highly complex information system that served several large hospital sites, activities included:

  • Led the development and implementation of all change management activities required to successfully implement this new technology
  • Oversaw all elements related to testing including, unit, system and UAT testing activities
  • Managed all data integration activities, including adhering to HL7 standards
  • Ultimately ensured that the business needs were fully met and the system supported the safe delivery of health care


Data Centre Feasibility Recommendation

Developed and delivered a comprehensive datacentre feasibility recommendation to the CIO and CEO of a leading Canadian organization.

  • Analyzed and developed information architecture based on 10-year growth projections
  • Performed extensive market analysis and feasibility study
  • Evaluated a number of potential vendors and solutions and recommended a successful strategy for implementation
  • Recommended solution resulted in a 20% ongoing annual cost savings